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Reach our global audience

Reach our global audience

We offer a range of ways to reach our global audience of readers including banners, competitions, video presentations and editorial promotions.

Geo targeted ads

Geo targeted ads

All banners can be globally or locally geo targeted to particular countries and you get the readers you want.

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

For maximum impact Distrita offers a range options including home page background reskins, roadblocks and sponsorship of the homepage.

Active Community

Active Community

Distrita has a highly active community of entusiastic consumers within many categories including a large and a rapidly growing social network following.

Your Target is Our Audience

the right target
According to Google Analytics and other stat apps we may say something about who is a typical Distrita visitor:

Male/female readers

A great mix of 55% male and 45% female

Young and active readers

63% are 18-34 years old; mean age 28

Urban visitors

78% live in cities and urban areas

Sporty and active

A high amount of our readers are sports interested, and the bicycle is the top sport enjoyed by them.

Gadget freaks

Our readers have above average interests in computers, games and electronics


Many of our readers like photography, arts and design


Many of our readers love to travel. They like to read about new destinations, places to visit, cultures and transport.

Food lovers

Many of our readers love the lifestyle of eating and drinking out, but they also like to prepare dinners at home

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John Mustlang, Oklahoma, United States.

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We will feature your business or brand in our magazine!

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